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Gloria I spent more than 20 years writing everything imaginable. As a newspaper and radio reporter, I wrote news stories and features. As a communications professional, if it needed to be written, I wrote it.
My career began as a radio reporter in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I was supposed to be a paid intern, but at a small radio station, you get to do it all. Incredibly, almost immediately, I could decide what stories I covered, how I covered and wrote them and I read them on the air. I also hosted a weekly public service program.
As a stringer for the St. Louis Suburban Journals, I covered enough city council meetings to run for office. I also had the pleasure of writing features about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.
Following my brief, but wonderful journalism career, I opted for a life that did not require me to carry a beeper or watch adults exchange opinions loudly. I spent the next 20-plus years as a communications professional overseeing every kind of communications project imaginable. Most of that time was spent at the United Way of Greater St. Louis, the last seven years as the senior vice president of communications.
And I continued to write. Everything. News releases, speeches, brochures, ads, public services announcements, letters...
After retiring from United Way in 2006, I formed Okara Communications, named for my grandson, Kemet Menelik Okara, and I’ve dedicated Okara to making life easier for other communicators.
Gloria S. Ross
Okara Communications
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